Questions from New Writer’s or People who don’t have a Clue?

As a writer we have found there is so many things that has to be taken care of.
Do we blog or do we not, But if we don’t how can we build a platform for people to follow.
Do upgrade from a blog to a website, and how do we know the time is right to do so.
Do we hire an editor? Isn’t that what the publishers do?
When do I win a contest but How do I enter a contest?
Do I have the right not to send in a book that is requested by an agent if I’m not happy with it? What if it’s my only chance to get an agent?
How do I know what I should be writing about? Do I have to stick to one Genre?
Can I call an agent and pitch my story on the phone?
I’ll just go self publish online and I won’t need a anybody but me. (If I had a dime for every time I have heard that I’d be at least a cup of Starbucks coffee richer)
(Grammer Lessions I writes good enough I don’t need no editor,Why would I need that?)

All experienced authors, novelists, agents and publishers have heard everyone of the above questions. So Here is my response to all of them.
1. There is no manual for the answers to these questions. The answer is Read everything you can about writing. (Specifically the three Following. Stephen King on writing, Anything by James Scott Bell, and Writer’s Digest books and magazines)
2.Listen to people who are successful (network in groups like American Christian Fiction Writer’s and the Romance Writer’s Association)
3.Read some of the agents blogs, and websites- know what they want before you approach them. It will be the best way to not feel foolish.
4. Watch the You Tube videos by James Scott Bell they will give you invaluable information on how to proceed.
5. Contests yes after you have polished every word. twenty times and spell checked a minimum of forty times.
6. Blog or not to blog or turning to a web site to build a platform- I have heard pro and cons both ways.
7. Never Never Never Call and agent to pitch a story. Read their website for how to pitch them a manuscript. IT IS UNDER SUBMISSIONS
8. Read everything again on publishing on online. (again Writer’s Digest, James Scott Bell)

Remember: Read, Write, keep the Faith and Believe in your work, and Believe in Our God and Jesus


The Colorado Fire, worry about Friends and Family.

The talk this week is the Colorado Fires. We seem to all know someone in the Colorado Springs area. I feel this a little more because My sons Jason and Ben and their kids Brandon, Katy, and Laura live in Colorado Springs. I just talked to Jason and they watched houses go up in the fire yesterday the area where he has several friends. So do I here is what I know. According to the news that I have it is still west of I-25. They are trying to keep it west of Colorado Springs. But if the winds pick up the way its been predicted. There are no guarantees.

So Please Dear Heavenly Father:
Keep Every one out there safe in you hands. As a Mom and a Grandmother it scares me. As a writing Friend to Rachelle Gardner please keep her husband safe as he fights the wildfires. To Rachelle, Evangeline Denmark, and everyone else in Colorado in or out of the line of the fires. (there are six of them burning.)

thank you for your love and kindness. Amen

Blessings All.

John Wayne, Johnny Cash, John Deere, and Jesus

Ever since I was a little bitty girl. I have had a thing for four specific items. I will try to explain the best I can.

John Wayne is our country. He represents everything that was ever good about patriotism. He made us believe that this great nation was the only one out there.He also made people think if you didn’t like the idea of our being the best we could just step outside and settle the matter. He taught us to fight for what was right. Never to back down. You didn’t talk trash about this country. If you elected a President you didn’t trash him. You put your back into hard work, and did what was right for the country whether you liked it or not. You said the Pledge of Allegiance with your hat over your heart. You saluted the Flag and Dared anybody to say something derogatory about it. You supported the troops that were at war. Back when War was War and not a Police action.

Johnny Cash goes two different ways in my book. With songs like “The Grand Old Flag.” He spoke about keeping America Free. He believed in justice for all. Listen to the words of the song of The Man in black sometime and tell me he didn’t. He sang songs of every day men. The men in Prison, The Detroit autoworker, He spoke to the working men and woman of this country. He also was a believer in our Savior Jesus Christ. I have an Cd’s of him reading the new testament. He would rather set and read our father’s word as much as he liked to sing about the working man.

John Deere tractors the back bone of the American Farmer. The International Harvester combines and John Deere tractors put more farmers in fields than any other companies. They have clocked more hours in the field. Than the old plow horses. People think of John Deere the same way they think of the American Flag when you see a large farm going to the field. They line up and go. They don’t come back till the work is done.

Jesus the reason any of us continue to exist. Our only way to our heavenly Father. The reason our sins have been for given even though a lot of us are repeat offenders. (I am using myself on that.) But also the reason that we stand the tiniest reason for making it to heaven at all. Because he took the burden of our sins. The reason that we love and have learn what forgiveness is. He continues to teach us right from wrong. Jesus is still teaching us and will continue as long as there is a bible to be laid in an unbelievers hand. He listens to our stupidity and continues to love us even when we have screamed at him. He still loves us unconditionally even when we don’t deserve it.

So the next time that you want to scream. Take into consideration we where we’d be with out the above four.
Our Country wouldn’t exist with pride and honor, The every day working man had a hero, The American Farmer puts food on our tables,
and our Precious Lord Jesus is still saving us from ourselves.



When was the last time you saw hope? Was it in your child’s eyes? Was it from the elderly woman down the street when she thought you might stop and talk. Was it from you dog that had been cooped up all day and was wanting to go outside with you and play.
When was the last time you saw hope? From the little girl that keeps her nose pressed against the window of her grandmother’s house waiting for the mother that’s not coming back.

When did you see hope? Was when the clouds gathered and the farmer walked out side looking for the rain. Was it on the faces of the people in Colorado waiting on the hope that they can get the wildfires under control so that their houses don’t burn.

Is it with the man that has fallen to his knees to pray for the woman he loves that is lying in the hospital waiting on the news of the test that the doctor brings to them.
Or is it the face of someone who doesn’t look for it any longer. They have given up hope, faith and love just to survive.

So the next time any of us start thinking there is no hope. Stop and think about this. There is hope for he died on the Cross so many years ago.

Good Gospel is Good Music No matter the genre!!!

(Southern, Contemporary, Traditional and just Gospel)

You can call it what you will. But let’s face fact folks singing and praising our Lord is the right thing to do. It really doesn’t matter which genre is your favorite as long as you get the meaning of the song and use to pursue our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Okay there are some that absolutely cannot stand Southern Gospel. (The Gaithers are the first ones that came to mind.) But let me tell you folks it was because of the Gaither Vocal Band and a really bad time in my life that I asked our Lord Jesus into my life. (So yes that does make me a bit prejudiced in this area.) Southern Gospel musicians make you feel their love of God and Jesus. (Anyone that has ever heard The McCameys sing will agree to that). Vestal and Howard Goodman, Ivan Parker, The Nelons, Gold City, The Booth Brothers, Cathedrals are just a few of the one that I truly like.
But I also am smart enough to know that it doesn’t matter what you listen to if it brings you closer to the lord that’s all that matters. While I don’t understand the all the fuss about the praise and worship songs that are used today I haven’t listened to every single one of the Praise and worship songs. It doesn’t give me the right to put it down.

So I listen and try to keep an open mind. All music that worships the Lord is beautiful. I mentioned Southern Gospel I also like Kirk Franklin, Kathy Trocolli, Bob Carlisle, Mercy Me, Juanita Bynum, Twila Paris, Nicole C. Mullen, Steve Green, (did any of you know that he started out as a Gaither Vocal Band member?), Steven Curtis Chapman, Selah these are just a few of what I like. May I also mention Yolanda Adams, and dc talk, (did I mention Toby Mac?).

My point to this all kinds of music works. It doesn’t matter what your favorite is if it get the point to you about the love of our savior Jesus Christ. If it gets the word of God out there or if it makes you start looking into the word of God. Then it’s done its job.
I’m closing this Blog with the following: In Christ Alone. I don’t know where it started or what genre it came from. But let’s face folks Good Music is Good Music.