Saturday night

I had a great Saturday night. I went to aunts 96 the birthday Party. I am so thankful to still have my aunts and Uncle is alive. Being a truck driver I don’t get to go to family reunions most of the time. So it was a real treat to talk with everyone. To see people I don’t get to see often was so much fun.

I got to meet my second cousins children that I had never got to meet. I can’t hardly believe he is old enough to have children. It doesn’t seem that like it was that long ago that he was the age of his kids. I guess no one stays young forever.

There my hubby and I stopped in at a Halloween party. It was great to see my classmates and the band was great. Both Sherri’s, Thomas, Carla Angie, Brian, Mike, if I missed someone sorry. we all must get together again. Even my Husband enjoyed it.

I have to brag a little bit.

I am now a regular contributor to a website called Gathering Together., My first article is up.
While most of you have read it already on my website. It is a longer version of that particular article.
I hope that you will stop by and see what else come to the forefront of my christian writing. This will help me build a platform while giving me some writing credits to use on info sheets. So take take care all and we will have more soon.