We are writers, authors, agents, Publishers,editors, storytellers. We investigate and we work hard at our respective careers. We are not Gossips, Liars, and most of all we do not go  spreading around sour grapes if something has happened to us.

Being in the industry we are in. We have all suffered set backs of having manuscripts rejected, (this is our baby it hurts like the devil.) We deal with the aggravation of loosing a contest. (even when we know that our entry was the absolute best there is out there or the worst.)  We have had our pride hurt and we as PROFESSIONALS keep it to ourselves. ( we can moan and groan to our close friends. but we would never think about saying anything out loud.)

We have dealt with spiteful, jealousy, from people that look down their nose at us because we dare to even think that we might have a ounce of talent.  But we keep our mouths shut and we hold our heads high because we are Professionals.

We hold jobs in everything from truck driving, Stay at home mothers(who have my deepest respect.) nurses, doctors, and anything in between. We write about our experiences, we write about our frustrations. We write about our anger. We write about the personality conflicts so that we don’t become bitter over them. THAT IS WHY WE ARE PROFESSIONALS.

We get down on our knees and pray to the lord above to have our dreams,schemes, and praise heard by him.
We thank him for the trouble, and for the good times. We praise him for everything he has ever down for us. We turn to him when we want to scream in envy when someone else gets the coveted contract. We face that person who received it and congratulate them. Because we are PROFESSIONALS.

So lets keep that pride and Professionalism alive.

One comment on “Professionalism

  1. I agree. Writing is not a hobby for me so I must act professionally.

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