Writing it brings people together.

The old saying that “You can never have to many friends.” still holds true in my humble thoughts. Let me explain. Because of my writing I went to last years ACFW conference, which in turn, made me become much closer to Our Lord Jesus.
 It led me to such super people as Debby Mayne who sat and talked with me the first day for over two hours. Leading me to think of her as a friend an mentor. She introduced me to Brandilyn Collins who also sat and encouraged me. She sat and talked to one nervous first timer during a luncheon making me feel apart of group.
In turn I sat in Tracie and Jim Peterson’s Basic writing class. I learned a lot about the basics of writing and even more about the research that goes into writing from talking to Jim afterward. Thank you to both of them for being so kind to me. Last year and at this years conference it was great talking to both of you at this years. (Jim thank you for the Prayer.)
In last years second day of Tracie’s class she brought in James Scott Bell to answer a question. ( for the life of me I can’t remember what the discussion question was.) Even though I didn’t get to talk with him at last years conference. I have talked to James Scott Bell several times since threw the magic of Twitter and I owe him a thank you also for helping me through a couple of rough spots. I appreciate the time he has taken to answer questions. (His books are wonderful for answering questions.) 

I also went to Kaye Dacus’s class and on the Saturday Evening waiting for my husband to pick me up. She managed to get through to me that the knowledge we gain at Conference has to fit our own writing for it to work. some will and some won’t but if glean a single kernel from a class you have it made.
Rachelle Gardner who was giving the class about a sixty second pitch( maybe that was the elevator pitch.) Rachelle taught me enough in the 30 minutes before I left for a pitch. That walking into the pitch made it easier.

Cara Putman I met the morning before my first ever pitch. She took time to pray with me. She took a terrified woman and got me to buck up for the appointment.

Terry Burns who helped me get through a pitch that was the wrong book and taught me how to put on a facade to hide your fears and nervousness. He gives some great advice in his book A Writer’s Survival Guide to getting Published.
Mary Sue Seymour- she was the first to ask for my manuscript even though she turned it down. She did tell me to resubmit something else. She got me to asking the right questions on what was wrong with my projects.

Edwina Cowgill, Tricia Goyer, Jenny B. Jones and Keli Gwyn and many others who have continued to encourage me, They may consider me an conference aquaintances, but to me they are friends all.

Blessings to all my friends in the ACFW.

One comment on “Writing it brings people together.

  1. Writers do need writing friends. That is so true.

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