Being home during this stressful period is making the situation so much better. My hubby is resting and his arm even though is quite black and blue is starting to look better. I am starting to rest. My cleaning that I intend to do is going very slowly. (But I hate to clean.LOL)

My DH wants me to get back to work on my writing so that I don’t lose out on my opportunity. So I’m trying to keep up with everything and answer his beck and call everytime he yells. (Since when did Laundry start multiplying by its self?)

I am relieved that things are going as well as they are. We will see how it’s going by the end of next month. By then I maybe writing a blog on how to commit murder by using everyday household products.(Hmm, sounds like a fun book. Might have to take my frustrations out that way.)

Have a good day all. I have to take DH to dentist in the A.M. So take care and many happy blessings from me to you.


One comment on “Relieved.

  1. Keli Gwyn says:

    I'm glad your husband is doing better. I hope his recovery continues to go smoothly and that you enjoy some great writing time.

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