Stephen King

The idea of being scared at a movie or  while reading a book is one of the most electrifing feelings ever. That’s why we hunt out the most terrifying haunted houses at Halloween. That’s why we loved the Friday the 13th movies, and let’s not forget Freddy Kruger. But to me nothing can compare to the evil that lurkes in the screams from a Stephen King book.
He has been facisnated with horror from a young age. The old fashioned bad B movies type horror. The girl falls into a trance (neck over extended so the vampire can get to it easily.) type movies. Back Before Vincent Price, Bela Lagosa, and of course the great Lon Chaney. What came out of this facination with Horror is today one of the most widely read authors of our generation.  With wonderful story lines  of people being possessed. Little girls being followed with only her imagination to save her. The deranged fan of one of the most widely read author in the book “Misery”.  The tormented terror of a young girl who wants nothing more than to be liked by her classmates. The evil of that is unleashed by that young woman will haunt every person that has ever bullied another human being and also watched the movie.

Stephen King has an inside line to the psyche of the mortal human being. He works that line to fever pitch drawing it tighter and tighter until it makes you want to throw the book away but you find that you not only can’t put it down you will read it until it has you turned inside out with fear.

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