Bad week.

How do you describe this week. Awful, horrible, manic. None of those would even come close to what happened this week. No, this week has been more on the line of being covered with Hot Tar and then having Napalm thrown on you and set afire.

With out going into the gory details I’ll just say that my husband was hurt at a Pilot truck stop this week. Hence his broken left shoulder and a broken thumb.

 We go for a CAT scan on Tuesday to find out just how bad it really is and on Thursday will have the appointment with the Surgeon.

My husband is 62 yrs old and two surgeries on one arm scares me at his age. I know I’m being weird but I have good reason to be right now. The possibilities that they will do both surgeries at the same time is good. But it still worries me.

The old saying that God will never give you more than you can handle comes to mind. I do wonder if this even has anything to do with God and more to do with the one that doesn’t want me to continue my trip  to our heavenly Father.

Ever since I have joined the ACFW, My husband and I have been under some horrible life,livelihood, health attacks. And as I draw closer to my dreams they are coming with more frequency.

Truthfully, I am furious at the idea of my husband having been hurt,that he has to go through the pain he is going through, that our job may be taken from us, All because something doesn’t want me to continue my journey to our Lord Jesus and the ultimate reward of being in his presence at a later date.

Oh well, folks this week I’m going to be blogging on some of my favorite authors. (In between doctors appointments and screaming, my hubby is not a good patient. PRAYS ARE APPRECIATED.)


One comment on “Bad week.

  1. Keli Gwyn says:

    Gwyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's injuries and upcoming surgery. I lifted a prayer for him, his medical team, and you. May you feel a sense of peace that passes understanding and is obviously a gift from our loving Lord.

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