What is a Truck driver

The other day I was getting out to fuel my truck in West Memphis Arkansas. A Mother brought her little boy over to the sidewalk to look at the big trucks. I heard him ask his Mother. The child might have been 18 months to 3 years old. He asked his Mom What is a truckdriver? His mother gave the usual well he drives those big trucks up and down the road.

He is the man that leaves his family and goes on the road knowing that he will miss his son’s home run that wins the game. She will be gone when her daughter has her first ballet recital. He may miss the birth of his grandchild, or the vaction of a life time because he can’t get home.

He is the man or woman that delivers the food to the warehouse so you will have food at the store to buy for when you have your boss over for dinner. They make sure that the latest styles on in the stores so you can be in style.

 We have every nationality, race and creed out here. We still work to make a living to feed our families.
We still have children that get into trouble. We still have family problems just like any other people out here.

We love horses, ranching, our dogs, cats, birds, and or ferrets. We love NASCAR, NFL, NBA, Golf , Tennis, Country music, Rap, Pop, the 40’s, the 50’s, the 60’s and yes even the 90’s. We believe in this country, The president (we put him in office so we can durn well grip about him but don’t let no outsiders mess with him). The blue collar comedians, we can never have too many Redneck Jokes, we miss George Carlin, We tell Fishing Tales  and watch Rodeo’s when we get the chance. We will talk trash with the best of them on the CB Radio. But watch your Mouth when there’s a woman present.

We listen to satellite radio, We will call in and complain and sign a petetion to get back our favorite Disc jockey. (Welcom Back Dan Dixon to XM Radio) We will Cancel our subscription to Satellite radio when they take off our favorite Station. (I mean after all it’s the only place you can get good southern gospel radio. ( Yes we like the Gaither vocal Band,the Easters, and the Hemphills,) We also sign back up for it when The Satellite company puts the station back on after finding out that they will lose over 25000 paying customers(this happened this last May.) Don’t get us wrong we’d be just as upset if it were the other Christians music Stations. (all for gospel old or new on the Message, and we do love hearing CECE Winans sing over on Praise. So we really don’t understand why people hate our southern Gospel so bad.)

We will argue on which truck has the best resale value, We are interested in the new pack car engine. I’m mean Paccar builds Kenworth and Peterbilt. Do they know enough to put a engine together and make it work? But Hey it’s built in the United States. down in Alabama and that putting people back to work.

We wear jeans and t-shirts and cowboy boots, skirts blouses, suits or uniforms.(we don’t care as long as it’s comfrotable.) We take courses on-line to finish our College education. (and so we can talk to our kids when we get home.) We have to have cell phones so we can talk to our shippers, home, mom and Dad or play a game.

We don’t put up with smartmouth punks. (even though we started out as one.) We watch (if we don’t have a load) American Idol, and Action movies, and Romantic Comedies, Come to think about it we watch all movies. When we get the chance.  Shoot Honey we’ll watch the cooking show for something different. (One man told me he just loved that Rachel Ray and Ellen.)

Love audio books, Love to read, Favorite Book (drum roll please.) Why the bible but I keep it in my truck because my kid, mother,grandparent gave it to me. Then I like clive cussler, Dick Francis, and I have been known to pick up some of this new fangled stuff off the choice books shelf every once in a while. TD Jakes, is good,  Even been reading some of this Amish fiction once in a while. Can’t quite decide if I like it or not.  To be Continued.

One comment on “What is a Truck driver

  1. Keli Gwyn says:

    Gwyn, I didn't realize you're a truck driver. That's cool. Do you drive local or long distance routes?

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