An everyday occurance in the life of a truck driver.

Lets get some every day facts about the Truck Driving industry.

 People don’t realize that in their normal 40 hour week. That a Truck driver will put in at least 70 hours in an 8 day period. (That’s all the law will allow us.) usual hours can be up toward 90 by the time you add in eating and showers and waiting on loads. 

People always say that there isn’t anything to driving one of those big Rigs. You try stopping a truck that has 80,000 pounds of rolled steel on it. There is plenty to driving them. It takes on an average for one 18-wheeler going fifty miles an hour the length of a football field to stop. I’m not talking to the 50 yard line. I’m talking a full football field and at seventy it takes up to 1.5 football fields to  stop.

Then there’s dealing with traffic in the middle of  a construction zone. Never mind what’s going on it always the big trucks fault that the traffic isn’t moving. Never mind the fact that there is a man with a flag up ahead that has the traffic stopped. The stupid big truck is in the way and causing problems.

Well let’s look at some of the everyday problems that four wheelers cause for those big trucks. Besides construction zones, there’s the car that refuses to get in the slow lane so the truck can go around. You see in most places in the country big trucks are not allowed in the left lane. That is reserved for the cars and pickup that refuse to use them.

This makes the truck late for his delivery, The receiver is angry because the driver is late. He takes it out on the driver by saying well your late we’ll get to you as soon as we can. Six hours later he finally gets to put his truck in the door to be unloaded. Well it’s quitting time. Afternoon shift will get to you. This in turn makes the evening shift mad because they have to finish up day shifts work. So you finally get out of the customer at midnight if your lucky.

By this time you have missed your next pickup, which put you a day late there. Now you have to deal with a irate shipper because his freight needed to be across the country in three days. now it’s going to be Monday before it can be delivered. The east coast receiver has decided to be closed on Monday due to inventory. So he won’t take the freight until Tuesday and maybe not until Wednesday. Now the Driver has lost a week all because a person wouldn’t get out of the middle lane.  (You think I’m making this Up? When I drove for a east coast company. This was an actual account of one of my loads.)

Then there’s the car or pick up with the people who think it’s funny to stop in front of the big truck. Trying to make the Semi have an accident. This usually ends badly for everyone involved. Be aware most truck accidents are not because of the trucker doing something wrong. It is usually because a car has done something just in front of a truck and the truck driver can’t miss them.

There are the driver’s of big rigs that will stop and help the older couple who is having car trouble, The young mother who has a car load of kids when her tire blows and we have stopped to change her tire for her. or at least keep the traffic off of them while they have their tire changed.

Which is more than more cars will do for them. If a driver is out of his vehicle on the side of the road please move over so you won’t hit them. Some cars will actually see how close they can get to hitting the person.

So Please tip your hat or wave to the person behind the wheel and move out of their way.


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