A Dream comes True. Don’t give Up and don’t quit dreaming.

A dream comes true. Being asked for a manuscript is a dream. When I started writing. It seemed like an impossibility that I would ever be asked for it. Then one day I was asked. I haven’t been accepted yet. But one day I will be. One day is the next step in my dream is for acceptance.

Each dream comes with a goal. Like a baby taking its first step. It’s so tentative and little by little it grows with confidence. You keep nurturing and dreaming and it becomes stronger and more confident. You tell yourself that it isn’t going to happen or I won’t ever have that happen.

If you say that you will do nothing but set yourself for failing. the lord has faith in you and your dreams. Isn’t it time we had faith in him so that we can see that our dreams will come true.

Get rid of the maybe’s, get rid of the I’ll try. Of course you’ll try because you have started doing it. That in itself is trying. Plan that next step. Learn more about your craft, Go get that education,  Make a long term plan and stick to it.

Don’t say I can’t, I’ll fail, we all stumble and fall. And we all are picked up and set back on our feet by our father. Sure it’s scarry but what a rush if we succeed. We can if we put our trust in him.

1.) Dream that Dream
2.) Put the dream into Action
3.) Put your faith into Our Lord Jesus
4.) work and get better at your dream
5.) Never give up.


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