Can I ever write outside of a Semi-Truck?

Last month I went to the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference. It was held in the Hyatt at the Arch in St. Louis, Mo. Along with the classes and catching up with friends. I pitched my latest book to Joyce Hart of Hartline Literary Agency. After I got through being tongue tied she being the great person she is. (and I would say that even if she hadn’t asked me the next question) Joyce asked me for a 3 book proposal that would include my current work.  She also asked me how I would help promote these said books if I am a truck driver. My response was I would get out of the truck to do book signings and whatever else I could do to help promote the book. (shock set in as the meeting ended)

I walked out of the meeting and once I came out of shock. (That friends took me nearly a good four days.) I began to think what I had to do to work on the proposal.(That’s when the Panic set in.)


You see for the 24 years I have been married to my DH who has been a Truck Driver since Jan of 1974. I got my Commercial Driver’s License in the fall of 1986. We were married in Jan of 87, and I crawled in the truck with him in May of 1987.  That means for the last 24 years in some capacity I have been in this truck. I also don’t mean as a passenger. I have driven team with him for 24 years.
In that time period I have driven over 2,000,000 miles. That’s what I have driven myself not bad for a little girl from Indiana.

 In 24 yrs I have driven flatbed, drop deck, refrigerated, box truck, van.I have steered down the road   Kenworths, Volvos, Freightliners, very briefly in a Peterbilt. I hauled freight in all continental 48 states, and 3/4 of the Canadian Provinces. I have hauled lumber, army supplies, money, auto parts, semi truck parts, wrecked semi’s, Food stuffs, clothing, dog food. Bird seed just to  name a few of the loads.

I decided to start writing for two reasons. First and foremost I wanted to write stories about the Transportation industry. They’d be full of romance, but my stories have to have more than romance or they’d make me crazy.(Sorry, not into all the gushy gushy, oh woe is me and no soft or hard porn.) However most the women are the old fashion damsels in trouble. (they may start out as woe is me but they end up knocking someone on their duffs. especially when it comes to having their men or children hurt.)

Second of all the trucking stories are very hard to find. I have a series on a family that happens to own a Trucking company but that is a story unto itself. There are 6 planned stories. I have outlines for all six, Two are completely finished and two more of them are more than half done.

This was all before Me and the Good Lord have come two a meeting of the minds. That Being his way or I stay a trucker for the rest of my life with no hope of getting my work published. I have started writing for him and he led me to the ACFW and all the great people that are associated with them.

All my writing other than the first six chapters of my very first manuscript have been written during my off time (when I’m sitting in the passenger seat/jump seat of a semi. I don’t know if I could sit at a actual desk and a write.

Could I write without the truck motor humming in my ear? Could I write without the thumping and bouncing of the highway and the whine of the tires under me? Could I write in a quiet peaceful environment? I have no clue. (Is this a good time to mention that I’m scared to even think about it.)

The only thing I am sure about is that with out my Dear Husband’s love and the support of our Lord. I wouldn’t be able to write at all.


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