Interview with Supernatural "Thriller Author Cheyenne Mitchell.

Today I am interviewing Ms. Cheyenne Mitchell. She is an acclaimedAuthor of two books published by AuthorHouse in the supernatural thrillers.   

I hope all of my facebook friends will be able to attend my book signing for my supernatural thriller “SYROIA”, scheduled to coincide with HALLOWEEN! It will be at the Overbrook Park Public Library-7422 HAVERFORD AVE. PHILA PA 19150 from 5:00 – 6:00PM. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS READING THIS HORRIFYING SUPERNATURAL THRILLER THAT IS LIKE NO OTHER!!!!

Please tell us a little about yourself. 

  I am a mother and a grandmother who has loved writing since I was in thefirst grade. I went back to school when I was in my early forties and got aBachelor’s degree in Journalism/Communication, and it was a very wise thing forme to do. Although it was hard sometimes going to school with twenty-yearolds.  I am the older of my parent’s twochildren, and my brother is three years younger than I am.   He is a Veteran of the United States AirForce. My mother is the only one of my parents still living, thank God!  I lost my oldest son, Lance, on October 4,2006 to a horrible tragedy, and I deal with that every day of my life.  It is only God Who gets me through every day,and I thank Him for my family, because their love helps me with my pain, too.

How long have you been writing and what do you write?

   I have been writing since the age of six years old.  However, at that time I seemed to be drawn topoetry for some reason.  I guess becauseeven then my favorite Poet was Edgar Allan Poe, and still is.  Writing is in my blood.  I was born to be a Writer because it is theonly thing that I have ever really wanted to do, and dream that I am beginningto see come true for me.  I write aboutthe supernatural because I have had many dealings with the supernatural.  I have seen spirits, heard spirits, and feltthem around me all of the time.  Also, Ihave seen many eerie things in my life. I have always loved horror movies, but they had better be good ones andI haven’t seen a good horror, suspense, mystery, or supernatural thriller moviecome out of Hollywood in a very long time.

 What made you interested in your genre?

  Having experienced supernatural experiences inmy own personal life.  I know ghosts orspirits if you will do co-exist right along with the physical world.  I KNOW it!!!

 What made you decide to go toAuthorHouse?

 I thought AuthorHouse had a lot to offer me asan Author.  Their packages looked good,especially the Book2Screen package, which is what, I purchased for THECOVERING.  I want to see all of my novelsturned into films.  The press releasesmust come from the publishers not the Authors

Do they help you promote your book?

Yes – they offer a wide range ofpromotion options as well as materials

Besides the online stores, where can we find your books?

You can find SYROIA and THECOVERING in bookstores and at Author House website. I also have my own webstore.

   Can you give us a brief description about both SYROIA and THE COVERING?

   Syroia is the story ofa wealthy, young man who is tortured and tormented by the demonic spirit of along-dead murderer. This monstrous entity is not who the protagonist thinks itis, but someone he never really knew at all as well as a long-held, dark,family secret.  There are only victims inthis novel as it is a story about the horrors of demonic possession.  However, it is also a story of how familylove can save someone from such a terror.

“THE COVERING” is the story of two teenage sisterswho cannot understand what is going on with their strange and secretive familymembers.  The two sisters will takereaders on a terrifying and unimaginable journey as they uncover the dark andhorrible secret that their family has been harboring for nearly two hundredyears.  “THE COVERING” is astory about vampires!  It is a story ofhorror yet also a story of great family love. There are press releases posted on it as it is unlike any othersupernatural thriller ever written about these beings.

Do you have a blog people can follow or a website? 


We are writers, authors, agents, Publishers,editors, storytellers. We investigate and we work hard at our respective careers. We are not Gossips, Liars, and most of all we do not go  spreading around sour grapes if something has happened to us.

Being in the industry we are in. We have all suffered set backs of having manuscripts rejected, (this is our baby it hurts like the devil.) We deal with the aggravation of loosing a contest. (even when we know that our entry was the absolute best there is out there or the worst.)  We have had our pride hurt and we as PROFESSIONALS keep it to ourselves. ( we can moan and groan to our close friends. but we would never think about saying anything out loud.)

We have dealt with spiteful, jealousy, from people that look down their nose at us because we dare to even think that we might have a ounce of talent.  But we keep our mouths shut and we hold our heads high because we are Professionals.

We hold jobs in everything from truck driving, Stay at home mothers(who have my deepest respect.) nurses, doctors, and anything in between. We write about our experiences, we write about our frustrations. We write about our anger. We write about the personality conflicts so that we don’t become bitter over them. THAT IS WHY WE ARE PROFESSIONALS.

We get down on our knees and pray to the lord above to have our dreams,schemes, and praise heard by him.
We thank him for the trouble, and for the good times. We praise him for everything he has ever down for us. We turn to him when we want to scream in envy when someone else gets the coveted contract. We face that person who received it and congratulate them. Because we are PROFESSIONALS.

So lets keep that pride and Professionalism alive.

Weird night

I came on line and found out that IE9 was no longer supported by Blogger. Well to say I was shocked is a understatement. I have not had good luck lately with it so I gave up the ghost and downloaded Google chrome I’m not sure How I am going to like it to early to tell but I do know that it does run faster that IE9.

So dear fans bear with me if I seem disjointed in the next little while.  I get to keep my AOL. and everything that I have loved so far about the internet. so time will only tell. If they give me very much trouble. I’ll go to Microsoft.

So look for some new things from me in the next few weeks. I intend to have a couple of writer interviews.
One with my good Friend Cheyenne Mitchell talking about her new book from Author House. I hope to have others in the next little while. I may even have some giveaways. Still not sure about that one just yet.

Update on hubby. Had ex-rays again today. Doctor Kellams from MyOrthoTeam is a wonderful person and very pleased with his progress for now. He goes back in three weeks and has the cast removed from his hand.

So take care for now.
Blessings to all.

Writing it brings people together.

The old saying that “You can never have to many friends.” still holds true in my humble thoughts. Let me explain. Because of my writing I went to last years ACFW conference, which in turn, made me become much closer to Our Lord Jesus.
 It led me to such super people as Debby Mayne who sat and talked with me the first day for over two hours. Leading me to think of her as a friend an mentor. She introduced me to Brandilyn Collins who also sat and encouraged me. She sat and talked to one nervous first timer during a luncheon making me feel apart of group.
In turn I sat in Tracie and Jim Peterson’s Basic writing class. I learned a lot about the basics of writing and even more about the research that goes into writing from talking to Jim afterward. Thank you to both of them for being so kind to me. Last year and at this years conference it was great talking to both of you at this years. (Jim thank you for the Prayer.)
In last years second day of Tracie’s class she brought in James Scott Bell to answer a question. ( for the life of me I can’t remember what the discussion question was.) Even though I didn’t get to talk with him at last years conference. I have talked to James Scott Bell several times since threw the magic of Twitter and I owe him a thank you also for helping me through a couple of rough spots. I appreciate the time he has taken to answer questions. (His books are wonderful for answering questions.) 

I also went to Kaye Dacus’s class and on the Saturday Evening waiting for my husband to pick me up. She managed to get through to me that the knowledge we gain at Conference has to fit our own writing for it to work. some will and some won’t but if glean a single kernel from a class you have it made.
Rachelle Gardner who was giving the class about a sixty second pitch( maybe that was the elevator pitch.) Rachelle taught me enough in the 30 minutes before I left for a pitch. That walking into the pitch made it easier.

Cara Putman I met the morning before my first ever pitch. She took time to pray with me. She took a terrified woman and got me to buck up for the appointment.

Terry Burns who helped me get through a pitch that was the wrong book and taught me how to put on a facade to hide your fears and nervousness. He gives some great advice in his book A Writer’s Survival Guide to getting Published.
Mary Sue Seymour- she was the first to ask for my manuscript even though she turned it down. She did tell me to resubmit something else. She got me to asking the right questions on what was wrong with my projects.

Edwina Cowgill, Tricia Goyer, Jenny B. Jones and Keli Gwyn and many others who have continued to encourage me, They may consider me an conference aquaintances, but to me they are friends all.

Blessings to all my friends in the ACFW.


Being home during this stressful period is making the situation so much better. My hubby is resting and his arm even though is quite black and blue is starting to look better. I am starting to rest. My cleaning that I intend to do is going very slowly. (But I hate to clean.LOL)

My DH wants me to get back to work on my writing so that I don’t lose out on my opportunity. So I’m trying to keep up with everything and answer his beck and call everytime he yells. (Since when did Laundry start multiplying by its self?)

I am relieved that things are going as well as they are. We will see how it’s going by the end of next month. By then I maybe writing a blog on how to commit murder by using everyday household products.(Hmm, sounds like a fun book. Might have to take my frustrations out that way.)

Have a good day all. I have to take DH to dentist in the A.M. So take care and many happy blessings from me to you.


Sorry about no blog yesterday.

Dear Blog friends.

I apologize for doing something like not doing a blog. I did something that I haven’t done in two weeks(since my husband got hurt.) I went to bed at 8 pm on sunday night and didn’t get up until noon yesterday.

Does that make me lazy? NOOOO it makes me exhausted. There hasn’t been a night since he got hurt that I have felt the bed move every time that he turned over. It was bound to catch up with me eventually.

If we had children at home I wouldn’t even come close to doing that. But his kids are 36 and 31 and living on the otherside of the country from us. So I don’t have to worry about that. (HMMMMMMM sounds like a good time to hit the sack again since its going on three a.m. and I have to be up at nine.)

I’ll try to be better about doing my blog. But occassionally I have to sleep.


Great Day…

Well today might not seem like a big deal for most people.  It’s been a great day for me.
As people have read this week. My hubby has broke his shoulder and a thumb. He hasn’t had the best last few days. (Me either truthfully I can’t sleep next to him without him complaining that I hit his sore shoulder.)

Well anyway we found out today that in approximately 8 weeks he can go back to work. He doesn’t have to have surgery. (Thank you sweet Jesus) and They cast his thumb if all goes well he’ll have the cast off his hand in 4 weeks.

Finding out that he doesn’t have to have surgery at least not right now. Is the best news we have had in a month of Sundays. I can’t begin to tell you that after 7 days and 3 appointments one lasting 4 hrs and 10 minutes. I no longer feel like I have been walking on a tight rope.  I realize that my hubby is still going to  complain. I also realize that he is going to be crabby and rude until he gets his mobility back.

But he was enough relieved that the man disappeared at 8 pm tonight and I have only seen him once since and it is now 1:30 a.m.

Thank you Dear heavenly Father for letting him rest. I think I will go try to get some myself.

Blessings all