Shutting My Mouth and Opening My Ears.

In recent months I have realized that to my maintain Faith. I have to shut my mouth and open my Ears. I need to realize that when Our Heavenly Father speaks I need to close my mouth and listen to what he is telling me.

We each have many things that our Lord sets on our plates. How we handle what he has given us is what is important. Do we often block what could be communications by saying What am I to do? Why am I having to deal with this. Why me?

Is this God’s way of making us put our Faith in Him. Or is He trying to get our attention so we will listen to his voice? When will we learn that it isn’t about us. It is about what he wants us to do.

The old hymn Trust and Obey says it best. “To Trust and Obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus. But to Trust and Obey.” written by John H. Sammis in 1887

If our Lord is trying to make a point to us. Shouldn’t we extend the same courtesy to him that we would extend to another person speaking? We should shut our mouths and open our ears. If we do we might find the answers we need. I’m not saying it will be the answers we want. The Lord answers us in His time, not ours.

I am lucky that I have been able to hear our Lord’s voice many times. It may be a mere thought that makes a point to us. The sudden appearance of a verse of the bible to us. Example: This is my son with whom I am well pleased. Matthew 3:16 KJV.
This came when I had a lot of questions about whether I was wanted in his eyes. He gave me my answer with a beautiful morning that contained a rosy pink sunrise.

So shutting our mouths may be necessary for us to hear him. We have to remember that he will answer. In His Time and His Way. Until He decides to Answer. We need to Trust and Obey.

One comment on “Shutting My Mouth and Opening My Ears.

  1. I agree. Sometimes it is so difficult to stop talking and complaining. It is so difficult to calm down and listen.

    Your post of Sept 4th brings to mind one of my favorite Old Testament Bible stories.

    In 1 Kings chapter 19 (I had to look this up to find the story that I remembered) Jezebel threatens to kill Elijah. He flees for his life and 40 days later comes to Mt. Horeb. He goes into a cave to spend the night.

    The next morning God tells Elijah to go out on the mountainside. A mighty wind comes up, but the Lord is not in the wind. Then there is an earthquake, but the Lord is not in the earthquake. Then there is a fire, but the Lord is not in the fire. Then Elijah hears a “still small voice”. And the “still small voice” is the voice of God. And Elijah finds out what God wants him to do.

    Sometimes we have to still the whirlwind in our mind before we can begin to hear the voice of God.


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