Southern Voices that have been Called to the Lord.

I read  yesterday where the Great Jessy Dixon was called home to be with the Lord. Jessy is probably best know for being a regular on the Gaither videos. People didn’t know that he’d written everything from choral material, to songs that had been recorded by Cher, Diana Ross. He opened for Paul Simon and Played piano for Earth,Wind, and Fire. He also had quite a following in Europe for his gospel work.

In the past ten years we have lost several from the Southern Gospel field. It saddens me to think that we are losing so many from that field. This is music that I was listening to while staying with my Grandparents in Southern Indiana.

People like the Happy Goodman family. Vestal and Howard were wonderful together. Vestal had a voice that rivaled Kate Smith and Ethel Merman. When she opened her mouth not only could you hear her love of the Lord. You could feel it.

I loved J.D Sumner with his bass voice. The Cathedrals were the best on the old camp meeting songs.
Mom and Pop Speers, Hovie Lister and Jake Hess. All of who will be greatly missed.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the young people that are carrying on the southern gospel Tradition. The Isaac’s, Jeff and Sherri Easter, all of the Gaither Vocal Band.( Old and new). Jason Crabb, Charlotte Church, Candy Christmas and so many wonderful singers.

But there was just something magical when the older Southern Gospel singers took the stage. They opened their mouths and you felt God in the room with you tapping his feet. The sound drifted through the walls and you realized that you had been touched by God.

Thank you Jessy and all of the Southern Gospel performers that have gone on a head to perform in the Heavenly Choir.

That’s one Choir I hope to see one day.

Blessings all

Gwyn Weyant

My writer’s library must haves.

This is my first article on writing. I am comparably new at this whole process. I do know certain truths and I’m sure that any writer, novelist, author will agree to this next statement. Everyone has a list of must haves in their writing library. I am also sure that everyone who has a writing library will have their own personal opinion on what is to go on to that list. So please understand that this is my list. It is not set in stone. It is what I feel has helped me on my journey into this wonderful world that we as writer’s try to navigate.

Books: ( These are in no Particular order. Not even alphabetical)

Stephen King’s- On Writing: If you enjoy reading Stephen King and have always wondered how he really is. This book gives you insight to the man. He talks  about his life from childhood through the accident that nearly cost him his life. Right smack dab in the middle of it he teaches us how to set up a writing tool box. Which contains everything from grammar tips, helpful concepts about how to put together thoughts on plot and character. He even talks about getting rid of adverbs.

James Scott Bell-Plot and Structure.

James Scott Bell does an amazing job of making a complex ideas easy to understand.
 He goes into some detail on Beginning, Middles, and Ends of a good novel,( in a book of 245 pages approximate) He can not go into much more than general ideas. But those general ideas have carried me a lot further than the tedious in depth books that have nothing to say.
He gives you ideas, techniques, and practice exercises on plotting, crafting the story, tightening up your editing and how to pourthe suspense on for more than a brief two sentence paragraph. He also helps you understand the structure of a book.

James Scott Bell- Revision and Self-Editing

As with Plot and Structure James Scott Bell takes the bite out of Revision and Self-Editing of you novel that has been your baby for the last six months. He explains how to look at that Work-In-
 Progress and be able to put it into three acts. Each with its own unique qualities that will make your novel better. He explains Theme and the use of it. He also gives you solid information on (POV) Points of View. He again give you examples and exercises and techniques to make you a better writer.

Jeff Gerke-The art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction

Mr. Gerke is founder and publisher of Marcher Lord Press a christian publisher for alternative fiction, He takes us through each of the Major  parts. Character, Show vs. Telling, Point of view, description, and Dialogue. He brings up question for you the author to ask yourself. Why are you writing this and is it for the right reasons. (Mind you there are no wrong answers just ones too make you stop think about.)

the Complete Handbook of Novel Writing 2nd edition- by the editors of Writer’s Digest

A Compilation of articles from Writer’s Digest Magazine  on techniques, point of views, How to’s, and all the neat things that you come to expect from Writer’s Digest. Quotes and interviews that you might have missed. Informative and easy to read all in a easy to handle book.

A Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus– A good dictionary and thesaurus is as good as an whole library in my book (You choose the one you prefer) it has dates, mini-biographies, usually at least a pencil sketch of someone or something your looking at. and the usual definitions.

The Holy Bible- King James Version (My opinion again) The holy bible is good for inspration no matter if you are using it as a reference or as a cry because you have edits due and not enough time to do them in. (version is strictly a matter of choice.)

A style Manual-Chicago, or Strunk it doesn’t matter as long as you have it and use one. It will answer those tiring questions on, comma’s, quotation marks, and so many other punctuation and grammar questions.

We are in this business because we love to write. Why not be the best we can be. I have tons of other writing books. The one thing I have learned is if you can a glean a single kernal from a book than that book is never wasted.

I know that there will be others that don’t agree with my list. Hey that’s okay this is just fodder for you to chew on. Then go get the ones you believe and make your own list.

Blessings all

Gwyn Weyant

It will never be enough, For what they did for us.

Ten years since 09/11/01 we sit and give tributes to the men and women that lost their lives that tragic day. We can’t do anything else. We can’t go back and shake their hands. We can’t hold them close and tell them we love them.

We can go to church and pray. We can give big television tributes, We can mark ground zero with all the flowers in the world. We can make memorials in that fields in Pennsylvania, or at the Pentagon. We can grieve until we turn blue. It will never be enough for what they did for us.

I want to cover what those Hero’s did for us us. I am talking above and beyond the obvious idea of losing their life. I’m talking about making us mad as all get out. I talking about having the world scared out of us. I’m talking about making us go back to church, making us hit our knees.
I’m talking about making us pull together as a country. I’m talking making everyone remembering every patriotic song new or old ever written. I’m talking about having some pride in ourselves as well as in our country.

I am talking about standing up for what’s right and showing respect for our armed forces and police, fire departments. I’m talking about taking back our pride and love of country.

So go ahead with all tributes. Because it will never be enough for what they did for us.

Making a friend Happy. Is Best way to make yourself Happy.

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.

George Macdonald

It is so very easy to sit around moaning and complaining about how life treats us unfair.(Believe me I am as guilty as anyone about doing this.) When what we should be doing is trying to find a way to make someone else happy.

Finding a way to help a friend feel better does several things. Obviously it helps the other person. It relieves stress, makes life a little more fun.

Isn’t it better to walk around and encourage than it is to feel bad all day. (Yes I am learning this very slowly.)When walking with the blessings of the Lord it is easy to do that for others.

May everyone have a very Blessed and safe weekend.

Shutting My Mouth and Opening My Ears.

In recent months I have realized that to my maintain Faith. I have to shut my mouth and open my Ears. I need to realize that when Our Heavenly Father speaks I need to close my mouth and listen to what he is telling me.

We each have many things that our Lord sets on our plates. How we handle what he has given us is what is important. Do we often block what could be communications by saying What am I to do? Why am I having to deal with this. Why me?

Is this God’s way of making us put our Faith in Him. Or is He trying to get our attention so we will listen to his voice? When will we learn that it isn’t about us. It is about what he wants us to do.

The old hymn Trust and Obey says it best. “To Trust and Obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus. But to Trust and Obey.” written by John H. Sammis in 1887

If our Lord is trying to make a point to us. Shouldn’t we extend the same courtesy to him that we would extend to another person speaking? We should shut our mouths and open our ears. If we do we might find the answers we need. I’m not saying it will be the answers we want. The Lord answers us in His time, not ours.

I am lucky that I have been able to hear our Lord’s voice many times. It may be a mere thought that makes a point to us. The sudden appearance of a verse of the bible to us. Example: This is my son with whom I am well pleased. Matthew 3:16 KJV.
This came when I had a lot of questions about whether I was wanted in his eyes. He gave me my answer with a beautiful morning that contained a rosy pink sunrise.

So shutting our mouths may be necessary for us to hear him. We have to remember that he will answer. In His Time and His Way. Until He decides to Answer. We need to Trust and Obey.