My company Nor-Con Books

When trying to decide the tagline for my writing. I couldn’t decide what to use.
Truth was I wanted to use Mustard Seed- a small kernal in Inspirational Fiction.
I started Googling and Mustard seed is used in so many ways that I decided against it.

I wanted to honor the Lord for the many blessings that I have received in the last couple of years.
The more I thought about it. The commandments came to mind. Specifically HONOR THY FATHER AND THEY MOTHER.  What better way to honor our Heavenly Father than to honor my own parents.

My mother encouraged my writing before she died in 2010. My Dad never knew about it we lost him in 1987. I hope it is a tribute that they would be proud of.
Nor- Con Books is a combination of my Father Norman  and my Mother Connie.

Nor-Con books – Fiction that a your parents could be proud of.

So the Tribute to my Heavenly Father turned into a Tribute to my Parents. I pray that all three will be pleased.

Gwyn Weyant
Nor-Con Books- Fiction that your parents could be proud of..

One comment on “My company Nor-Con Books

  1. Gwyn: this is a wonderful blog to honor our Master. I see you have been given the same gifts of creativity that only the Master can give. At least you had someone to encourage you in your writing. I never had anybody. Because I don't believe my parents ever read one book between them, and that is a sad commentary I know. But I love your blog, and I love you because of the kind of person I know you are.

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