What if God said NO?

What if God says No, is the title of a song on Christian Radio by a group called The Akins.
The jest of the song is will we hold to our faith if God tells us No. This got me to thinking. How would I react if God said no to all my hopes and dreams. Would God’s grace be enough to carry me through?

There may have been a time in my life that I may have said no. But after much soul searching and being honest with myself. I would be happy with God’s grace if he said “No.”

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like other things to happen. Sure I want that Publishing deal, or for my husband to win the PowerBall Lotto. We all want things to happen, to propel our lives to the next level. It still comes down to the old fashion battle of want over need.

There isn’t a parent today that hasn’t heard “I want that or I need that.”

I want that Publishing deal
I need to make a living so I have a roof over my head.

I want the $200 Air Jordan’s from  Nike
I need a car to get to work.

Then you get into the Big wants and Needs.
I want my mother to be here.
God Needed her to be with him.
God is well aware of our wants and needs. He gets the job of telling us  Yes or No.

If we don’t have faith when He tells us no. We end up angry, depressed and (Myself included) Beligerant. I have decided to look at it this way.

It comes down to wants and Needs. Just like in every day life. There will be times of Great Joy when the Lord tells us Yes to something. There will be sorrow and anxiety when the No comes. It’s your faith that makes the difference.

I have figured one thing out over the last  couple of weeks. As long as we have Faith, Grace and his love.. We can handle whatever NO he throws at us.

6 comments on “What if God said NO?

  1. A truck driver? Interesting. Where do you go? A normal route? Cross country? Nearby home?

  2. Congratulations on getting you blog up and going. You have made a good start.

  3. Sherri says:

    Hi Gwyn. Congratulations on your new blog! From one newbie to another…nice job. I've already adjusted mine several times as I learn new things, so I'm sure it will always be a work in progress.
    This was a great topic to start with and one that is always in the back of my mind. I have a dream to be published as a writer of fiction, but have given that dream back to him to use as he sees fit. I have also told him that if he chooses to take that dream away – make sure it never happens – I will obey. I want to be in the center of his will. Even so I will grieve for that lost dream. I'm so glad that we can do that – grieve when he says no – and still be obedient. Thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Great start with your blog, Gwyn, and strong first topic.
    Are you on Facebook? If so, why not sign up with Networked Blogs and follow mine. I'll follow you back. My blog is Whispers in Purple

  5. A great post! I've learned to accept “no” even if I don't like it at the time! My husband has been in the trucking industry 16 years.

  6. Katholeen says:

    Great Job of making me stop and think about things. Thank you for the thoughts.

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