What makes a Hero. Is it looks or a cliche (thoughts on AFCW topic for the day.)

Hero’s is it his profession?

We have all fell in love with them. The cowboy, the fireman, the cop? Race car driver. How about a the truckdriver? (Don’t turn your nose up at the idea.If he fits a story he can be a hero.)

Is it his looks?
Must he be tall,dark and Handsome? Or can he be stout, sturdy,blond and blue eyed. Facial Hair, can he be built like a NFL line backer, or a short nerdy guy that most people wouldn’t give the time of day two.

Isn’t it more important that he fit the story. Maybe he isn’t John Wayne or Sean Connery, maybe he’s a professor in economics that is white as a ghost because he is allergic to the sun. But he can make the Heroine’s heart go pitter-patter because he is willing to hold her. Willing to make the sacrifice to take care of her or at least the situation at hand.

Okay, Okay I admit the better looking he is the better. That’s why we all escape to books anyway. To meet the Dashing man of our Imaginenation. If the Character meets the need and fits the story. That’s your Hero.

Hey I don’t find Dennis Franz or the gentleman from the Saprono’s exciting but that is just my thoughts millions of women and tuned in every week to watch them.

Hero’s in my book, kind, gentle, knows even in anger to take care of a situation,dog lover, cat hater, all ways kind to children and old people even when they won’t say a nice word to the child’s mother. Thoughtful, arrogant, can be boorish,can play dumb, old fashioned, angery, hostile, tired, full of energy, willing to see reason even if it is they last thing they want to do.
wears glasses,has facial hair has secrets and scars. Good sense of humor, believes in God even if he won’t talk about it. Good upbringing , no up bringing.

Willing to hold out for better. But won’t let better get away from him if she tries to leave. Looks, dresses the way he wants and willing to fight to the death if necessary once he realizes that he can’t live without that special someone.

Cliches,are good not over used and makes me think of wonderful Hero’s from the past. Or even from the future. There is nothing wrong with being rugged.
Give me john Wayne, Harrison Ford, Robert Mitchum, and all their male pattern baldness. If they make me feel like a strong but helpless female. (Yes,I don’t get to be that way. But I like feeling like I’m being protected by the men in my books.)

So Bring out the Cliches. I’ll take another helping.

Hero Worship

I have been reading this week about the wardrobe malfunction on a nice young lady. This person is a major influence right now on the young female population. I want to say this. Celebrities are going to have malfunctions. No one can predict what is going to happen in the next instant of their life.

I also want to say. If all we have to worry about is who the dress didn’t cover. Or who did what to who on a so called reality show. Then maybe we should be turning the Televisions and radios off and start reading something that will let us know what true hero worship is.

Let’s look at the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our Country.  Police, Firefighters, and first responders that lost their lives while helping the victims at the Twin Towers. The men and women that died in the Challenger Disaster aren’t they the people that deserve our Hero worship.

The people today sit in front of the television and let media tell us who were should admire and care about. Well I for one would rather look to the real hero’s instead of some Celebrity sisters who have made it a big deal to see who is getting married first.

Let’s go back to thinking about the man who gave his life as the sacrificial lamb. He died on a wooden cross between to thieves. He is the real reason we celebrate Christmas, and the reason for the resurrection. He died for our chance to live the lives that we do. He is the son of God our Lord Jesus.

To quote a friends little girl, “It is bestest story book ever.” She doesn’t speak to clear since she’s only four. When I asked her what the story book was?  She told me it was the bible.

Well she’s right. It is the greatest Story book. It has wars for the adventure lovers, Giants, Magic how else did the fourth person show up in the fire of the furnace. How did Daniel get saved from the lion’s den? There were floods and a giant ship (ark).

There is betrayal, greed, and murder. She was right it is the best story book ever. It also teaches us what and who should have true hero worship. It also teaches us right from wrong, It can be applied to our lives today just as it could back in the days when it was originally written.

So let’s turn off the so called reality shows, turn off the so called entertainment. Let’s go dust off whatever version of the book you believe in and Let’s go back to reading the Bestest Story Book ever.  The Holy Bible.



My company Nor-Con Books

When trying to decide the tagline for my writing. I couldn’t decide what to use.
Truth was I wanted to use Mustard Seed- a small kernal in Inspirational Fiction.
I started Googling and Mustard seed is used in so many ways that I decided against it.

I wanted to honor the Lord for the many blessings that I have received in the last couple of years.
The more I thought about it. The commandments came to mind. Specifically HONOR THY FATHER AND THEY MOTHER.  What better way to honor our Heavenly Father than to honor my own parents.

My mother encouraged my writing before she died in 2010. My Dad never knew about it we lost him in 1987. I hope it is a tribute that they would be proud of.
Nor- Con Books is a combination of my Father Norman  and my Mother Connie.

Nor-Con books – Fiction that a your parents could be proud of.

So the Tribute to my Heavenly Father turned into a Tribute to my Parents. I pray that all three will be pleased.

Gwyn Weyant
Nor-Con Books- Fiction that your parents could be proud of..

What if God said NO?

What if God says No, is the title of a song on Christian Radio by a group called The Akins.
The jest of the song is will we hold to our faith if God tells us No. This got me to thinking. How would I react if God said no to all my hopes and dreams. Would God’s grace be enough to carry me through?

There may have been a time in my life that I may have said no. But after much soul searching and being honest with myself. I would be happy with God’s grace if he said “No.”

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like other things to happen. Sure I want that Publishing deal, or for my husband to win the PowerBall Lotto. We all want things to happen, to propel our lives to the next level. It still comes down to the old fashion battle of want over need.

There isn’t a parent today that hasn’t heard “I want that or I need that.”

I want that Publishing deal
I need to make a living so I have a roof over my head.

I want the $200 Air Jordan’s from  Nike
I need a car to get to work.

Then you get into the Big wants and Needs.
I want my mother to be here.
God Needed her to be with him.
God is well aware of our wants and needs. He gets the job of telling us  Yes or No.

If we don’t have faith when He tells us no. We end up angry, depressed and (Myself included) Beligerant. I have decided to look at it this way.

It comes down to wants and Needs. Just like in every day life. There will be times of Great Joy when the Lord tells us Yes to something. There will be sorrow and anxiety when the No comes. It’s your faith that makes the difference.

I have figured one thing out over the last  couple of weeks. As long as we have Faith, Grace and his love.. We can handle whatever NO he throws at us.